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Landing Your Dream Product Management Role: Three Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out

Written by
Kelly Snodgrass Kelly Snodgrass
Founder @ WomanHood

After reviewing thousands of CVs and having hired hundreds of people, these are my top 3 tips for creating a standout Product Management CV. In today's competitive job climate, it's crucial that your achievements, personality, and expertise shine through on the page.

1. Go big or go home:

The first tip may be simple, but it's often challenging as few people enjoy boasting about themselves. Nevertheless, as a Product Manager, you need to push yourself to think bigger, as your impact can be limitless despite the scope of your role.

To achieve this, ask yourself the question "Why was this important" multiple times for each bullet point on your CV. Let's take an example:

Original: Increased top-of-funnel acquisition by 50% over 3 months through implementation of A/B testing architecture

Why is this important?

  1. Our top-of-funnel had been steadily declining over the last few months.
  2. Without new top-of-funnel growth, we cannot meet our overall targets for growth.
  3. Disappointing investors due to not hitting growth targets can hinder raising additional capital.

Updated: Owned a critical top-of-funnel initiative that unlocked our next funding round, resulting in a +50% acquisition increase after 3 months.

I mean… amazing! In doing this you’ve gone from your average, ‘run-of-the-mill’ PM to someone incredibly unique.

"In doing this you’ve gone from your average, ‘run-of-the-mill’ PM to someone incredibly unique."

Kelly Snodgrass, Founder @ WomanHood
2. Talk about your secret sauce:

Next up is the juice. Many CVs mention generic achievements like "drove revenue by x%," which causes hiring managers to lose interest. Instead, captivate your audience by focusing on how you achieved your results, rather than simply listing what you did.

For Product Managers, success lies in the way they do things, not just in the outcomes. As a hiring manager, I'm looking for someone who can deliver outstanding results in a way that aligns with my personal style, team, and company. Let's revise the previous example again:

Updated: Researched innovative top-of-funnel strategies & technologies, achieved buy-in on a 3-month plan through an internal stakeholder roadshow, resulting in +50% acquisition—unlocking our next funding round.

I mean… yes please!! This revision showcases your initiative, creativity, and ability to lead a roadshow, which sets you apart from other PMs. It will undoubtedly catch my attention and prompt me to inquire further.

3. Use Descriptive Vocabulary:

Last but not least, the icing on the cake. It's essential to emphasize your soft skills, which are crucial for retaining a Product Manager position. While technical knowledge and frameworks are important, soft skills are what make you stand out in the long run. Incorporate descriptive vocabulary that reflects what you are known for and how others would describe you.

For example, let's revisit the previous revised sentence:

Updated: Thoroughly researched innovative top-of-funnel strategies & technologies, achieved buy-in on a structured 3-month plan through an efficient internal stakeholder roadshow, resulting in +50% acquisition—unlocking our next funding round.

This updated version not only highlights what you accomplished but also demonstrates your character and approach. By showcasing your soft skills, technical expertise, and exceptional results, you create the compelling trifecta that will undoubtedly catch the attention of hiring managers.

In conclusion, by focusing on the significant impact of your work, emphasizing how you achieved your results, and highlighting your soft skills in your CV, you increase your chances of landing your dream Product Management job. Remember, the first step in finding a new job is to stand out and make your CV an engaging reflection of your unique abilities.



Kelly Snodgrass

Kelly Snodgrass
Founder @ WomanHood

Kelly is a trained coach that works with women who wish to live differently. She creates coaching experiences that support women in overcoming common time, money & energy problems alongside fostering an innovative community of mama role models called WomanHood.

She also works with like-minded start-ups who wish to invest in creating a more streamlined operational framework that creates more productive (& happy!) employees alongside delighting customers.

Kelly previously spent over a decade in the tech industry building & scaling new teams where she gained practical experience as to what makes customers, individuals, teams & organizations tick in a modern & hybrid working world.

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